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Top Criminal Defense Attorney
Serving Multiple Southern California Counties

Welcome to the website for the Law Office of Brian Michaels, a full service Criminal Defense, and DUI Law firm based in Southern California. Los Angeles based Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney Brian Michaels has been consistently ranked as one of the top trial attorneys in Southern California. His practice first started in 2002 after leaving his position as a front line Prosecutor in Los Angeles to become a full time defense attorney. He now maintains office and practices in all Los Angeles County Courthouses, Santa Barbara County, Riverside, and Orange County. Mr. Michaels has offices in West Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Newport Beach and Manhattan Beach.




Attorney Brian Michaels is one of the rare Criminal Defense Attorneys in Southern California who has broad experience as a former Prosecutor as well as an attorney for the Los Angeles Police Department. While most defense attorneys graduate from law school and go straight into private practice, with little to no training, attorney Michaels spent many years learning how to win trials as a Government Attorney. He received extensive trial training as a Prosecutor and trained younger lawyers in the art of the winning trial before leaving Government service to open his own business over 12 years ago.

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Our Thousands of Clients

Since opening the Law Office of Brian Michaels attorney Michaels has represented thousands of clients and handles both misdemeanor and felony cases. Mr. Michaels has tried virtually every kind of case from DUI to Murder cases with a high degree of success. Mr. Michaels also handles related Administrative Proceedings such as DUI License Suspension Hearings with the DMV or other license revocation proceedings. He also handles Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, which although fall under the category of Family Law, have a quasi-criminal aspect.
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  • “Mr. Michaels was the only one who took the time and energy to inform me of my rights.”


  • “He was responsive and got my job done quickly and with a better result than I would have imagined.”


  • “He made the impossible possible!!”


  • “If you want results... this is the Attorney to hire!”


  • “His consultation was excellent and really laid out my best options for me.”


  • “Brian knew exactly what needed to be done”


  • “We all appreciate his quick response to our emails and questions, his prompt on the court time”

    Jingwen Cai

  • “Highly recommend.”


  • “Very professional. I would highly recommend him.”


  • “Highly Professional, Quick & Easy to Communicate With”


  • “Wouldn't think of using anyone else, He is the real deal!”


  • “I would highly recommend Brian for any criminal/legal troubles.”


  • “Phenomenal!!”


Relationships Matter.
Skill Matters More.

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In searching for an attorney, while cost is of course an issue, your attorney's ability to win your trial is the single most important thing a client should be looking for in hiring counsel for any legal matter. Mr. Michaels has personally completed nearly 100 Civil and Criminal Jury trials and settled thousands more over his 20 plus year career. If you are hiring an attorney to represent you, be wary of the firm who tells you they can best represent you because of who they know. Hire an attorney because of what they can do. Relationships matter. Skill matters more. That is our firm's mantra.

Direct Communication
With Your Attorney

Providing the Time for You and Your Case

The question of why to hire a private criminal defense attorney is often something most clients will ponder when searching for a resolution of their criminal case. What we bring to your defense and the most important aspect to hiring a private attorney is the time we put into both you personally and your case. Mr. Michaels is 100 percent accessible to his clients and available most hours of the day to handle even the most mundane issue, concern or worry. He handles all of his clients personally and there is no middleman or junior lawyer handling your case. You are hiring Brian Michaels.

Why Hire Our Office

In addition to bringing outstanding legal skill to your case Mr. Michaels has a top-notch investigative team, which includes former members of law enforcement. We are of the firm belief that early intervention in your case and a thorough investigation is what wins cases. This is what sets us apart from the limited resources a Public Defender has. The Government has resources that you don't have. We have those resources as well.

For our Spanish-speaking clients we have a full time Spanish-speaking Paralegal who can help you through all of the aspects of your legal case in Spanish so that you have a full understanding of your case as you go through the process.

Our office has a fair and competitive fee structure given Mr. Michaels extensive experience. We can take Credit Cards and if you qualify offer payment plans in some cases. We offer a one time free 45 minute phone consult and if you are then serious about retaining us, offer an in office consult.

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  • Competitive Fee Structure & Free Consultations
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  • Top-Notch
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  • Former Prosecutor
  • 10.0 Avvo Rating
  • Selected For Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Offices Throughout Southern California