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Brian Michaels Announces the Formation of the 420 Law Group

Law Office of Brian Michaels launches the 420 Law Group to Fight the Los Angeles City Ban on Marijuana Dispensaries

August 16, 2012

Re: Pending City of Los Angeles Enforcement

In a historic vote last month the Los Angeles City Council, as you all must know by now, took the drastic measure of voting to effect an almost complete ban on the medical marijuana industry within City limits. Many other smaller municipalities have already enacted harsh bans and begun highly aggressive enforcement actions which have lead to the closure of many dispensaries in Los Angeles and surrounding counties, including aggressive criminal prosecution of both the owners and operators of dispensary's as well as dozens if not hundreds of patients. We have seen criminal prosecutions ranging from simple possession charges to very serious Felony money laundering charges emanating from other nearby Cities and Counties and expect to see the same here.

The 420 Law Group has been put together to specifically deal with the impending nightmare anticipated by the Cities ill informed and self destructive decision to begin enforcement actions. Created by former Los Angeles City Attorney Brian Michaels, the 420 Law Group includes not just the cities top flight medical marijuana defense attorneys but includes former members of the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as well as highly skilled bond agents who will be prepared to respond to any arrest on a 24 hour a day 7 day a week need.

Attorney Michaels unique experience working for the City of Los Angeles as a front line prosecutor and later as a defense attorney for the Los Angeles Police Department puts him in position to work with the City on your behalf before legal action is taken or, after an individual is arrested and needs an aggressive defense against the unwarranted enforcement action.

The 420 Group currently has multiple attorneys who will be contributing their time and energy to this cause for which we are all so passionate. In addition to being able to provide on the spot legal aid once you have had a law enforcement contact we will also be available to be retained by dispensaries as General Counsel before law enforcement comes knocking on your door.

We are urging everyone to take enforcement seriously. A member of our team is willing to come take a personal meeting with you about your concerns and address the needs of your patients at any time. Enforcement is coming whether we like it or not. Speak with a member of the 420 team before that search warrant is served or order to cease and desist arrives.


Brian Michaels, Esq

Senior Partner