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Attorney Brian Michaels Opens Coachella Festival Legal Task Force

Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Michaels will be opening a Coachella Valley Music Festival legal task force to aid people caught up in the criminal justice system while attending the Coachella Music Festival or Stagecoach Music Festival through May of 2017.

Every spring the Coachella Valley sees a spike in arrests and prosecutions related to the Spring Music Festivals. Most people arrested are out of towners and are forced to find counsel in unfamiliar territory. Mr. Michaels will be available until 11p.m. to take any inquiry related to an arrest or police contact while in the Coachella Valley through the first part of May.

Many cases do not come to court until later in the year and we will, as we do every year, represent many people who come to Coachella. If caught up in the legal system in Coachella be forewarned that Police and Prosecutors come down very hard on festival goers and you will need someone who knows the players in the area and can serve you whether you are in Indio or Los Angeles or Orange Country where Mr. Michaels also mantains offices.

He can be reached personally at 310-991-9179