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Brian Michaels Threatens NIH & Anthony Fauci with Suit

Posted by Brian Michaels | Jun 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

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I write to you both as a lawyer, a deeply concerned citizen and a lifetime member of the Democratic Party. I did not vote for Donald Trump. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I am a supporter of Senator Sanders. I am writing in the hopes that the most pressing legal and international crisis of our generation is in danger of being swept under the carpet by my party and their media establishment and offer any help I can provide.

I have been involved in a small working group including medical professionals since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic. From the very beginning there was something very wrong in what was being reported about the spreading of this devastating pandemic.

What was reported by the Chinese government and later parroted by U.S. media was that this new and devastating virus had broken out of a wet market in Wuhan, China. The pattern of the epidemic, to me, was not consistent with that story and I began to study it like a hawk.

As it was described by the key Chinese scientist at the Wuhan Virology Institute. her laboratory did not have any sample of Covid 19 amongst the tens of thousands of samples that they had harvested from all over the world. I believed her. The genome of the virus was identified as containing clear evidence of transmission from a Chinese Horseshoe Bat. I followed up on that lead and found that these bats, in the wild, are only found in the Southern tropical regions of China and not anywhere near the City of Wuhan. This was more than odd.

This anomaly meant that, necessarily, something or someone had to bring this virus from that region to this Northern City. For months on end the US establishment media droned on about the incivility of wet markets and the narrative was never questioned. This was how Sars 1 spread, this must be how Covid 19 spread and was the precise fear behind the study of Sars first started by researchers at the WIV years ago.

This remained the narrative until US President Trump began leveling accusations against the Chinese government, and of a cover-up by them and that Covid 19 came from their lab in Wuhan. The left leaning media mocked it at every turn making it impossible really for any Democrat to accept this as a rational theory since it had been politicized and weaponized by the likes of CNN and MSNBC. I couldn't accept the lab theory either.

That all changed in February. I had been waiting for the WHO to conduct their investigation in China to reach a conclusion on my own research, which is right now partially published. I would have expected them to proceed to Southern China and the border nations to find the source of the outbreak. That never happened, nor did the committee conduct any kind of physical examination of the WIV.

Despite that the WHO issued a report indicating that it was unlikely that Covid 19 emanated from that lab. Pardon my French, but this is when my bullshit meter went off. This kangaroo committee included Peter Daszak who IS the principal US funded culprit in all of this and came to this conclusion without any kind of investigation whatsoever.

I now attacked the lab theory with every tool available to me. I have been a practicing lawyer for 24 years. I am principally a trial lawyer. I attacked the evidence like a trial lawyer, not like a scientist. I examined the people and institutions that would have had an interest in covering this theory up and what I found was shocking.

It is abundantly clear that the United States, lead by Anthony Fauci had been engaged in so-called gain of function research for many years, with Dr. Fauci being the most vocal proponent of it on behalf of the U.S. NIH and NAID. In 2004 there was a little publicized leak from a lab in China in which SARS 1 was leaked from a lab. This was not their first trip to the rodeo.

By 2008 technology in the US was allowing our best researchers to begin testing and building chimeric and synthetic Sars Virus's with little more than the genetic codes from various viruses. In 2015 in what is now a publicized study US Virologist Roger Baric built a highly infectious chimeric Sars Virus that was more infectious so that he and others could test various treatments for Sars viruses. I found this study months ago and was aghast.

One of the co-authors of this study was of course the so called Bat Lady of the Wuhan Institute; Shi Zhengli. Doctor Baric is one of a handful of scientists who, by his own admission, can make the human signature disappear from gain of function experiments so that someone examining one of his works would not know if it had been genetically enhanced. He admits to this in an interview. I believe the evidence would show that this is where the WIV learned techniques it would later use to create; COVID 19.

By now the cat is out of the bag that Dr. Fauci was banned from continuing gain of function research on US soil in 2014. In his arrogance, in 2015 he funded a 5 year grant to Ecohealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, for over 5 million dollars to fund Sars Virus research and experimentation; including gain of function. I have read the NIH grants. It was a lie for Dr. Fauci to represent that he did not fund it, nor know about it. He did both. He lied to Congress.

Ecohealth Alliance was the NIH's strawman for them to hide funds going directly to the WIV and China. In 2018 the WIV reported safety issues in their lab. which was reported back to the US government and ignored.

n 2017 and 2018 the WIV and Ecohealth Alliance published research detailing extensive collection of Sars strains from Southern China including serology of local inhabitants that showed human infection of various Sars strains, yet no illness whatsoever is reported. This last fact is fairly significant. Why was there no evidence of Covid illness in the region it is allegedly from? This is of course rhetorical. Covid 19 as we know it, did not come from that region.

In 2019 the WIV lab gets its P4 status allowing it to conduct the world's most dangerous experiments. In September of 2019 the lab spontaneously removes its extensive library of bat genomes it had collected from the Internet and blamed hackers. It never came back online.

In October there are reports of an “event” in the lab and a mysterious blackout of cellular phone messages and use occurs at and around the Wuhan Lab. Per the Wall Street Journal, 3 members of the WIV are hospitalized for flu like illness. The Flu generally doesn't cause hospitilzation. In response to this article, for the first time since he took over as the nations Covid 19 Czar, Fauci admits to the lab leak possibility.

…In November of 2019 Italian Doctors in Northern Italy are reporting unusual pneumonia cases. In December of 2019 I find evidence in California that US emergency rooms begin seeing unusually high numbers of E.R visits for the Flu; particularly in the over 65 age group.

The first Covid 19 case is detected in France late December, 2019 with a probable mid December local infection putting it in Europe and spreading a full two weeks before China even admits to having it. The Lancet publishes an article very early on disproving the Wet Market theory, leaving the only other possible source of the Covid 19 outbreak to be, the WIV. China's admission to the world that it had identified Covid 19 came on December 30, 2019. By that time it had already spread in Wuhan, and had already made its way to Europe and the United States. The Wet Market was always a Diversion.

Sound about right? Here is my contribution. I am looking for sources and funding to begin filing lawsuits here in the US against Fauci, the NIH, Ecohealth and Daszak for Civil Conspiracy, Wrongful Death, and Negligence. The direct evidence of Covid 19 in the lab is long gone. Through litigation I believe the depositions of 3 principal US parties will get us to the truth; Anthony Fauci, Roger Baric and Peter Daszak.

The other political party, as you are aware, seem to care less about this. It's unconscionable. If the United States paid for the creation of Covid 19 we have an obligation to our own people and the citizens of the world to be responsible for what we may have done here financing this monster of a disease. Fauci admits in interviews he offshored it to China because of the danger. Daszak admits to the whole affair in an interview I have saved. Baric for his part knows damn well what he did which is why he called for reinvestigation of the lab himself.

This can only be made right if Democrats and Republicans stop making this issue partisan. I will be writing my own representatives in Congress and copying them this letter. The lawsuits are coming whether it's me or a bunch of other lawyers. I can prove this case today in a Civil courtroom where the burden is lesser and I don't need a unanimous jury. I can prove the whole thing up circumstantially. Easily.

We toyed with the idea of filing in a more friendly state than California but believe California is exactly the right place to file. If a California judge kills it on Summary Judgment it will look political. If a Texas Judge kills it, you have bigger P.R. problems.

I read the report Congressman Nunes authored. It's spot on but missing a few things. I am happy to share. My interest here is not political. It would appear that in fact Donald Trump was right. Sadly for the country his failure was not so much in the content of what he said but how he chose to say it. This is an issue of American integrity. If we are truly a nation of laws we must confront the ugly truth of what we may have done here and hold those who contributed accountable to the world.

At a minimum the Biden administration should immediately ramp up production and delivery of our own vaccines to countries that need it most. We minimally owe the world that. We must demand an immediate DOJ criminal investigation. I was a hell of a prosecutor back in the day. If this were my case It would be a fast verdict. I am calling on Democrats to join this effort and not stifle it. If Congress doesn't handle it, and the Executive Branch white washes this, trial lawyers are standing by.

I am ready to file against the NIH, Anthony Fauci, Ecohealth Alliance and Peter Daszak right now. I'd rather my government did the right thing and did it right now. I am issuing this letter as a press release concurrent with its publication to you.


Brian Michaels

CC: Congresswoman Karen Bass, Senator Bernard Sanders. TC, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Congresswoman Alexandria Occasio Cortez, DRASTIC

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