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Dispelling Covid Vaccine Myths

Posted by Brian Michaels | Feb 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

Dispelling Vaccine Myth. CDC's not so quiet disinformation campaign

In the Spring of 2020, and as the world first became aware of the spread of a new and deadly Coronavirus the International Medical establishment began a race towards the development of effective vaccines meant to halt the spread of the growing Pandemic.

Vaccines developed directly by American Corporations in whole or in part received the greatest accolades for success and were heralded as the most effective vaccines for the control of the Pandemic. This new vaccine technology known as Mrna was responsible for this stunningly swift success, or so said the US Center For Disease Control, National Institute of Health and its mouthpiece Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The United States Government spent billions of dollars to directly invest in one of these new vaccines being produced by Moderna a US Pharmaceutical Company, which at the time had no approved drugs at all on the market. A second similar vaccine was produced by an American Corporation Pfizer in conjunction with German Pharmaceutical giant; Biontech.

Vaccines from around the world were also coming to light. Russia announced the production of a vaccine as did China. The only European vaccine to win approval was a British vaccine produced by Astra Zenica. Efforts by France and other countries to develop effective vaccine failed.

Clinical trials of these new Mrna vaccines were rushed into practice. By the fall of 2020 and after millions of deaths both Moderna and Pfizer announced results from their clinical trials that lead the world to believe that this Pandemic would soon be over.

Both companies reported that each of their vaccines had over 94 percent efficacy from symptomatic disease and 100 percent efficacy from serious illness and death. In layman's terms you had a 94 percent chance of not getting sick at all and 100 percent chance that if exposed you would not die. This was game over for Covid 19, or so we were lead to believe. The FDA had issued guidelines that it would approve vaccines that were safe and at least 50 percent efficacious.

I was, at the time spending the bulk of my energy researching the Covid origin story and the spread of the pandemic but was also paying close attention to the research behind the vaccines. I began to question the narrative of the Mrna vaccines when another U.S Pharmaceutical giant had released the results of its clinical trial for its own vaccine, which did not utilize Mrna as a delivery system. Johnson and Johnson had produced a one shot vaccine that met the bar for FDA approval.

The press, CDC and the US NIH reported the results were far less auspicious then those of the American MRNA vaccines and that this vaccine has an efficacy as low as 66 percent but also was nearly 100 percent in preventing serious illness and death. The results of these differing clinical trials spurred my curiosity so I read the transcripts from all three clinical trials and was shocked at the misinformation that was being reported and not reported as it pertained to the J and J results.

In the early days of the Pandemic there was a body of science coming together that showed that weather would have a driving affect on the transmission of Covid 19. Studies conducted during the summer of 2020 did show that heat and various other climactic features could blunt the spread of Covid 19. There was science from the first SARS epidemic that this Coronavirus might also be weather sensitive.

The first wave of Covid 19 decimated the Northern Hemisphere in the Winter while at the same time there was virtually no sign of the Pandemic in South America, the Middle East, South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Through the first wave of Covid 19 this remained a constant.

Later variants would evolve to become more productive in places like Brazil and India but there remain still vast swaths of the globe that should have been ravaged by Covid 19 and to date have not, particularly Africa and Southeast Asia in addition to many parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

The devil as they say, is always in the details. Upon a close reading and re-reading of the Mrna clinical trials these were very short abbreviated clinical trials whose participants were all largely healthy people in the United States and during the initial Alpha wave of the pandemic and was started and completed during the summer, which we now know is a time of substantially less spread and lethality for this virus.

In extreme contrast the J and J clinical trial was a much longer 4 continent study that continued through winter months on many continents and in direct conflict with the Mrna clinical trial took place at times and places where its vaccine was being exposed to multiple new more contagious and deadly variants than the Mrna vaccines which were only exposed to the original far less contagious or deadly Alpha strain and at a time when Covid 19 is most vulnerable; the summer.

The CDC and Anthony Fauci went on an aggressive campaign to tap down the expectations of the J and J vaccine and the press blindly followed. Why would they do this? For one, Anthony Fauci has long been an advocate of Mrna which had been in existence for many years but more importantly the US NIH was a direct financial investor in Mrna, but not so for the J and J vaccine.

The J and J results were at the time the first warning of the state of things to come. To my shock no one in the US media, the CDC, or NIH at any time leveled with the world that the conditions under which the Mrna vaccines were tested were in fact 100 percent ideal to obtain the kind of numerical successes they claimed and there was no warning from any station that Mrna may not prove successful against variants then in circulation.

The glaring conflict of interest here in the United States was never exposed. Our institutions seemed more interested at this time in continuing to parrot this myth of 95 percent efficacy. But soon enough as the world became more vaccinated and variants began decimating countries those initial numbers would quietly be chipped away at, by later variants.

The Mrna vaccines held up in practice fairly well through the first wave of variants although its effectiveness began to drop. A new variant, the Delta variant, which emerged from India was the first to demonstrate in the real world that two shots of the Mrna vaccines would no longer be sufficient to protect the world from Covid 19. The vaccines were beginning to fail.

Israel, the first country to begin a massive vaccination campaign, was several months ahead of the rest of the world in gathering data about the ongoing effectiveness of the vaccines in practice. By the summer of 2021 Israel reported that despite overwhelming vaccination its hospitals were again starting to fill and people were beginning again to die in significant numbers from Covid 19.

Israel was largely relying on the US Pfizer vaccine. The Delta variant was now ravaging the effectiveness of all the vaccines and that country made the bold decision to begin a booster campaign and in the absence of any clinical data to determine its safety or effectiveness in real world settings.

Over the course of the next 6 months Israel's data appears to show that its booster campaign was effective to thwart Delta and in fact the booster still has outstanding efficacy in combatting this more virulent and deadly variant of Covid 19. Other countries followed suit. Israel's data showed quite definitively that the Mrna vaccines would only have effectiveness for 5-6 months. No longer would these vaccines be a one time cure all and end to the Pandemic.

Despite the clear findings behind the Israeli data the U.S Biden Administration and U.S CDC communicated that Americans did not need a booster shot of vaccine until 8 months after a course of vaccine. 8 months from most people's second vaccine shot would have made the majority of people in this country ineligible to boost until the fall or winter when everyone expected a resurgence of Covid 19 in North America and Europe.

This was a stunning and complete failure of pandemic policy by the Biden Administration. Had the United States followed the results of what the Israeli data was showing the world there would have been an urgency to have all Americans vaccinated with a booster by the Fall of 2021 and a redesignation of those people who had only two shots of vaccine to be deemed unvaccinated after 6 months for their own protection and those of others.

This never happened and as it stands today only about 1/3 of Americans have boosted. Given the fact that vaccine immunity is now recognized to be almost completely waned after 6 months, those Americans who have only received two shots of vaccine are effectively unvaccinated. Israel and a few other countries do not deem people who have had only two shots of Mrna vaccine to be vaccinated yet here in California all one needs to do to gain entrance to a restaurant or bar is to show proof of having two shots of a vaccine long gone from their body.

In the early part of November of 2021 the world would learn of a new Covid Variant; Omicron, that had been recently discovered in South Africa. This alarming new variant was found to be the most contagious form of Covid 19 to ever circulate. Doctors in India who performed tests on Omicron came to the conclusion that the new Omicron variant was now the most contagious human respiratory disease in history with a contagion level higher then that of even the measles.

Early reports out of South Africa and Europe, which was hit with this variant soon after it was discovered in early November 2021, was that the variant was showing to be less severe in its symptoms then other variants with many people reporting symptoms no worse then a common cold. I would dispute that Omicron proved to be less serious at all but was rather blunted by immunity through vaccine and prior infection that was not predominant before the Delta wave.

At the same time, however, science out of Europe and South Africa was providing alarming data, barely reported in the United States that this new variant had deeply impacted the efficacy of all the vaccines as well as the booster shots. Efficacy numbers of the vaccine against Omicron had dropped to as low as 30 percent according to some reports.

30 percent is an extremely troubling and disconcerting number especially in light of the fact that the U.S FDA set its bar as 50 percent efficacy for even emergency use authorization of these new vaccines. 30 percent would mean that if these vaccines came to market today against this variant they could not be approved for use in humans in the U.S Market. Numerous European and South African reports further showed that Omicron would likely render the booster shot, which had worked so well during the Delta wave, obsolete on delivery.

This brings me to the current conundrum. The U.S. CDC, with State and Local Health Departments across the United States had been weekly recording its statistics for Covid 19 based on vaccination status. The CDC was weekly reporting deaths and hospitalizations as a result of Covid 19 based on vaccine status as was the State of California and numerous other US based reporting bodies.

By the end of November 2021, the US CDC inexplicably stopped reporting any data showing the breakdown of hospitalized and dead Covid 19 patients based on their vaccine status. By the end of December 2021 California stopped reporting this data as did many other states. Los Angeles County with the most stringent vaccine mandate in the country never reported this data. Other counties who had been publishing this data appear to have also stopped reporting deaths among the vaccinated.

At the end of January the CDC released two “studies” in support of the proposition that the vaccine booster campaign would still be effective against this new Omicron variant despite record setting deaths and hospitalizations in the United States. These conclusions seemed to fly in the face of what we already knew about Omicron from reports out of other countries.

A close inspection of these CDC studies showed, however, that over 95 percent of the data it used to come to this conclusion came exclusively from time periods when Omicron was either not in existence or from periods where the Delta variant was dominant. This was a ruse. The US press ran with it. Yet everywhere you turned someone you knew who was boosted or vaccinated was severely sick with Covid 19.

As of today you can find almost no data worldwide from the month of February showing deaths and hospitalizations amongst the vaccinated. It's all stopped. Dates are significant here. Omicron began to spread in early November and the first journal reports came out of South Africa soon thereafter. The US, thus, had a head start in collecting data. By mid November Omicron was spreading across Europe. The first case of Omicron in the U.S.  was confirmed on November 29, 2021.

The last time the US CDC reported on deaths and hospitalizations amongst the vaccinated and/or boosted was January 8, 2022. California's last report came at the end of December 2021. Currently the CDC's Covid Data sheet continues to post that Covid 19 is 17-23 times more contagious and deadly in the unvaccinated respectively. This has not been true since November. By contrast the one local County health department; San Diego, that is still reporting this current data shows that in the current month data shows a 3x higher rate of infection and 4x risk of hospitalization in the unvaccinated with a 6x higher risk of death and that is with the bulk of the Omicron data yet to be reported.

Through December of 2021 the Delta variant, which was responsive to the booster remained the dominant variant in the country. By Christmas Omicron made up about 75 percent of cases and it did not become fully dominant until early January of 2022. That means, necessarily, that we cannot see the true affects of the Omicron variant and its responsiveness to the vaccine until the country became fully engulfed in Omicron which was the first week of January 2022.

There is no data whatsoever showing the true impact of the Omicron variant through February of 2022 which if published would give us the current state of the vaccines. At the same time the CDC is engaging in a deliberate misinformation campaign while deaths and hospitalzations in January of 2022 were higher then they were in unvaccinated January of 2021.There are reports in the press that the CDC is working to try to change the definition of what is and is not a Covid death with the intent of lowering the numbers. What seems abundantly clear from all of this is that the vaccine and its proponents are in real trouble.

For one, the confusion that has reigned from all of this misinformation is that it has driven some aspects of the country to have a deeper distrust of the Government, which is the root of the cause of the anti vax movement. If in fact the data that remains unreleased shows that the vaccine is having only a modest impact on deaths and hospitalizations and clearly does nothing to prevent one from becoming symptomatic, the vaccine and all its champions will be minimally embarrassed or much worse.

With no other vaccines in the pipeline the revelation that the hospitals are in fact filled with the vaccinated and the boosted in significant measure would probably end the vaccine drive in the country and certainly make it untenable for the FDA to approve any further use of these vaccines. They probably should be de-certified already until they can meet the 50 percent efficacy once set as the measure for approval by the FDA but now being apparently ignored.

Irrespective of the public health calamity should the vaccines here be deemed to be a failure is the enormous economic loss to the makers as well as to the backers of the vaccine, in this case the US National Institute of Health and Doctor Anthony Fauci.

It is certainly possible, though I think doubtful, that the CDC has halted the release of this data in time to gather enough evidence to be able make it palatable for the American people but the more time goes by with the CDC remaining in blackout mode the greater the suspicion.

The consequences of the failure of the vaccine to prevent death and hospitalization has also wide reaching legal ramifications that impact most big corporations, and state, local and federal governments. Tens of thousands of people have been released from government work and private work for failing to adhere to a vaccine mandate including thousands of Police and Fire employees all over the country. The result of this can be seen is skyrocketing crime rates particularly in mandate rich Democratic states.

Vaccine mandates like the one currently in place in Los Angeles County and other places which bar people from aspects of life without proof of two shots would necessarily crumble and lawsuits from schools, and other segments of society impacted by vaccine mandates would crush the legal system if in fact the virus has evaded nearly all or all of the protection from the vaccines. How can you mandate something that doesn't work?

I don't know ask Los Angeles County.

CDC and the NIH and other vaccine and mandate proponents have slowly and quietly dropped the bar for what it deems to be a successful vaccine. From the early promise of 95 percent efficacy the message now seems to be maybe you won't die. This is not an anti vax piece. I have 4 shots of the stuff in me myself. By god I hope it still works. Hiding the truth from people is in part why we have an anti vax movement in this country to begin with. People rightfully don't trust the Government.

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